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WYLIE This is my dog, Wylie, an 8 month old yellow lab puppy, the one I swore I'd never get. Not this particular one. It's just that our family had accrued a lot of dogs over the years, five to be exact, and I didn't want anymore. Shadow was sixteen when he passed away two years ago, with the help of the vet,  in the grass in our front yard with his head in my lap. A  sweet chow retriever mix that looked more like a big brown bear sometimes than a dog. Part Jack Russell, part rat terrier, Milo almost made it to thirteen and was the smartest dog we've ever had. And Fuzzy who I swore would out … [Read more...]

Boykin She Cook! Everyday Ramblings About Tasty Food And Delicious Writing.

TINKER BELL DELIVERS I admire the writers, a little bit, who don't long to see their book at Barnes and Nobel or Walmart, although I'm not sure I believe them. Maybe they say getting their book published isn't important because it's hard to put your novel out there, laid bare for everyone to see, to ask you about at family reunions and the grocery store. For me, the worst is the nice lady at the postal place who from time to time looks at me like I remember you, and says, "did you ever get that book that you kept sending off published?" Two things about that: one, she has a very good … [Read more...]

Saying Thank You To My Father

  Yesterday, I was captive in a car for three hours on our way back from our little piece of heaven, the Isle of Palms, when the sprotscasters my husband was litening to on the radio made a very good point. Advertisers, and maybe offspring themselves make an enormous deal out of Mother's Day. Give her diamonds. Chocolate. Oh, heck, why not a new Lexus? But when it comes to Father's Day, it's a seems to be a blip on the commercial radar. I know this is true because when I went to pick out a Father's Day card, there was a small section at Target, and I'm sad to say about 80% of the cards I … [Read more...]

Boykin She Cook! Everyday ramblings about delicious food and tasty writing.

Let's Eat! If writing in all caps is screaming, let me say it this way...I LOVE FOOD! And I am not alone. The public palate supports a gazillion cooking shows. This is nothing new, Julia Child and Graham Kerr, aka The Galloping Gourmet, were successful predecessors to these foodie stars, but Emeril pioneered the way for today's culinary personalities and made cooking look, well, fun. All he had to do was look into the camera with those eyebrows that can never be plucked enough and that smirk on his face before he made the crowd crazy mad and hungry with simple words like gahlic and … [Read more...]

Boykin She Cook! Everyday ramblings about delicious food and tasty writing.

There's a scene in the movie HOOK where a tiny Julia Roberts is in her Tinkerbell house sulking over the fact that Peter got his wish and has discovered who he really is. He can fly now, and he remembers everything he'd forgotten about his life as a Lost Boy.   As he is begging Tink to come out of her house and play with him, a fairy-sized Julia Roberts suddenly explodes into a grownup-sized Tinkerbell. Tink is utterly amazed, not so much at her transition from small to big, but at the fact that she got the single wish she'd been wishing for thirty years.  Then she delivers that one line … [Read more...]

Boykin She Cook! Everyday ramblings about great food and tasty writing.

Boykin She Cook. Everyone tries to come up with a clever name for their blog. Twenty-nine years ago I was fresh out of college with a degree in advertising, newly married, and jobless. Mike and I had just moved to St. Louis, and I found that if you didn't go to Mizzou you probably weren't going to work in advertising. Another interesting thing was even though Missouri is bordered by what are considered southern states, their ideas about southern women were a bit askew. Basically, what potential, all male employers expected was a college educated Daisy Duke complete with a red checkered tie … [Read more...]