I’m stepping out of the literary closet to say–I’ve written a romance! Not only have I written a romance, I’ve read A LOT of the genre this past year (47 and counting to be exact,) and the more I read, the more I am amazed how what a bad rap it has amongst the group who claims to be “the masses.” Most of those “rappers” are probably tucked in bed with a book and a flashlight or a Kindle, reading love stories like crack, but too embarrassed to admit it. But why? Romance is happy. Romance is hopeful. Sometimes hot, but always satisfying. In a world that desperately needs more HEA's … [Read more...]


“I cut my bangs with some rusty kitchen scissors.” Those nine little words are the beginning of Miranda Lambert’s new hit song that snatch us into her story. Even if you hate country music, you listen because you have to know why a woman would do such a thing? Now, let’s get personal. Think back to the last time you cut your own hair. Were you just trimming your bangs a few days ago or were you in a closet with your pretty locks in one hand and a pair of scissors made for hacking through construction paper in the other? And for God’s sake, why did you do it? Changing your hair to change your … [Read more...]


  Now if you've got a little gray showing, you're probably bowed up like a Halloween cat by the title of this post, but those are  Jessica Topper's words, not mine. And for good reason. Jessica has gorgeous, and I do mean GORGEOUS gray locks. Jessica shares my philosophy about my hair, which I likened to the way I raised my children. My hair can do whatever it wants to as long as it behaves itself and doesn't hurt anybody. That's meant a lot of things over the years. Pixie cuts. Bangs. BIG HAIR, the list goes on. You'll hear from Jessica in a minute, and when you do, I want you to … [Read more...]


Today's hair wisdom comes from OKBecky who talks so eloquently about changing her hair to change her life, I thought you should hear it straight from her. But before we get to her own personal hair wisdom, what's your story? When did you fix your hair to fix your life? When did you change your hair to change your life? With the debut of The Wisdom of Hair just a few weeks away, I'm contemplating a change as we speak to launch the book and to launch myself out into the world. And at 55, armed with this simple truth, I'm excited about getting a new cut, maybe not a bob, but still I feel it … [Read more...]

Change Your Hair. Change Your Life.

  Growing up in a tiny one stop light town, I don't think I was fully aware that the women came into my mom's beauty shop to change their lives. If I did, it didn't click until years later, and by years, I really mean decades (OUCH!) Subconsciously, I saw this desire for change in myself, but it really came to light as Zora Adams, the protagonist of The Wisdom of Hair, told me her story (yes, I really do hear voices) and also when my editor asked me what exactly "the wisdom of hair" was. By the grace of God, and with a few "uhs" and "you knows," the words just spilled out. WOMEN CHANGE … [Read more...]

Meet Zora Adams

Who the heck is Zora Adams? Well, she's the woman who's lived in my mind for the past ten years and the protagonist of THE WISDOM OF HAIR. The photo above is very much what I pictured when I was writing her, but during that time, Zora's undergone quite a few changes. Originally, her name was Shirley. No kidding. But she's a mountain girl, her name was I think meant to be a contrast to the very smooth Winston Sawyer and that seemed okay at the time. But Shirley wasn't very sexy or sellable, so she became Zora. Her mother was origionally just a bad girl drawn to very bad men. But Mama got a … [Read more...]