In a little over seven weeks, my sweet mother will be drawing the winner of the Ultimate Book Club Getaway contest, and I’ve got to be honest with you—I’m ecstatic! If you don’t know about the contest it’s a chance for book clubs to win a four night stay at my beach house on the Isle of Palms, SC. All clubs are eligible. You don't have to read The Wisdom of Hair to enter, but if your club does, you get ten extra entries! I've sprinkled pics of just a few of the clubs who have entered throughout this blog entry, and by the looks of it, they're as excited as I am!   When I got the idea … [Read more...]


If it's not a crime that little baby sea turtles have a hard time making it from the nest to the surf, it ought to be. A handful of islanders on the Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island have dedicated themselves to righting this wrong by braving mornings, like this one, thick with mosquitoes to save these little guys and gals. While most mama turtles deposit 100 eggs or more in their nests, some of the eggs never hatch. Many of her babies do make it out of the nest on their own during full moon nights, but some do not. Between the two islands, it's been a banner year for turtle nests, so our … [Read more...]


Just across the connecter from the Isle of Palms is Old Mt. Pleasant. Now, this Lowcountry town has no mountains and is about as flat as you can get, but it is aptly named for it's fine shops, restaurants and homes that are every bit as charming as the Battery mansions. One of the more colorful establishments is The Wando Fish Company, which is right on the docks of Shem Creek. They sell the freshest fish, shrimp and crabs around and they also have my FAVORITE sign in the whole world pictured here with the nice man who tried to give me a orange tabby  with the four pounds of shrimp I bought … [Read more...]