I’m stepping out of the literary closet to say–I’ve written a romance! Not only have I written a romance, I’ve read A LOT of the genre this past year (47 and counting to be exact,) and the more I read, the more I am amazed how what a bad rap it has amongst the group who claims to be “the masses.” Most of those “rappers” are probably tucked in bed with a book and a flashlight or a Kindle, reading love stories like crack, but too embarrassed to admit it. But why? Romance is happy. Romance is hopeful. Sometimes hot, but always satisfying. In a world that desperately needs more HEA's … [Read more...]


Everyone has done it at one time or another. The first time it happens is usually around the age of 5 and someone leaves a pair of scissors sitting around. You pick up the scissors and look at your own hair and wonder what would it would feel like. How hard can it be? Why not? And then you do it, you actually make that first cut. Maybe it doesn't looks so bad, but you have to finish. Therein lies the problem. In THE WISDOM OF HAIR, Zora Adams participated in this ritual when she was nine and cut her bangs until they were the length of those little paint brushes that come with dime store … [Read more...]

Meet THE WISDOM OF HAIR’S Big Beautiful Sarah Jane Farquhar

Here's a SAD fact. I went looking for a prototype of the formidable Sarah Jane Farquhar, the protagonist's BFF in THE WISDOM OF HAIR and couldn't find one. I put "blonde plus sized woman" in the search engine and then "big beautiful woman" and a bunch of other combinations of these two trying to find SJF. What I got from thousands of clip art pics were photos of skinny, very pregnant women, unattractive grossly obese women, but no Sarah Jane Farquhar.I settled for this woman, who really ISN'T SJF in real life, and ask that you picture her forty or so pounds heavier. So why is this so sad? The … [Read more...]

Big Wish

There’s a scene in the movie HOOK where a tiny Julia Roberts is in her Tinkerbell house sulking over the fact that Peter got his wish and has discovered who he really is. He can fly now and remembers everything he’d forgotten about his life as a Lost Boy. As Peter begs Tink to come out of her house and play, a fairy sized Julia Roberts suddenly explodes into a grown-up sized Tinkerbell. Tink is utterly amazed, not so much at her transition from small to big, but at the fact that she got the single wish she’d been wishing for thirty years. Then she delivers that one line that made me suck in … [Read more...]