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TINKER BELL DELIVERS I admire the writers, a little bit, who don't long to see their book at Barnes and Nobel or Walmart, although I'm not sure I believe them. Maybe they say getting their book published isn't important because it's hard to put your novel out there, laid bare for everyone to see, to ask you about at family reunions and the grocery store. For me, the worst is the nice lady at the postal place who from time to time looks at me like I remember you, and says, "did you ever get that book that you kept sending off published?" Two things about that: one, she has a very good … [Read more...]

Boykin She Cook! Everyday ramblings about delicious food and tasty writing.

There's a scene in the movie HOOK where a tiny Julia Roberts is in her Tinkerbell house sulking over the fact that Peter got his wish and has discovered who he really is. He can fly now, and he remembers everything he'd forgotten about his life as a Lost Boy.   As he is begging Tink to come out of her house and play with him, a fairy-sized Julia Roberts suddenly explodes into a grownup-sized Tinkerbell. Tink is utterly amazed, not so much at her transition from small to big, but at the fact that she got the single wish she'd been wishing for thirty years.  Then she delivers that one line … [Read more...]