Everyone has done it at one time or another. The first time it happens is usually around the age of 5 and someone leaves a pair of scissors sitting around. You pick up the scissors and look at your own hair and wonder what would it would feel like. How hard can it be? Why not?

And then you do it, you actually make that first cut. Maybe it doesn’t looks so bad, but you have to finish. Therein lies the problem. In THE WISDOM OF HAIR, Zora Adams participated in this ritual when she was nine and cut her bangs until they were the length of those little paint brushes that come with dime store watercolor sets.

Okay, so I admit I have first hand knowledge of paint brush bangs. Which brings me to the saviors of all rank amateur hair cutters–professional stylists. I remember my mom took me to Miss Vaughn Hannah’s Beauty Shop who “fixed” my hair that fateful day. Granted, she couldn’t do anything but straighten the bangs and layer up both sides so no one could tell I’d hacked up the left one. But it was good to learn at an early age that pair of scissors in the right hands can make things better, make them right.

So spill, what’s your story?? That very first time you held a pair of scissors in your hand and cut your hair. Your sister’s hair? Or are you one of those brave and foolish souls who are old enough to know better but from time to time cut your own hair anyway? Maybe recently.

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About Kim Boykin

Kim Boykin learned about women and their hair in her mother’s beauty shop in a tiny South Carolina town. She loves to write stories about strong Southern women, because that’s what she knows. Kim is an accomplished public speaker and serves on the board of the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband, three dogs, and 126 rose bushes.
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  1. As a kid, I used to routinely cut my own hair – boredom, anger, annoyance – but as a teen I cut all my hair off except an inch or two when my dad married my stepmom. That time, I was off-the-rails angry. Ugliest hair cut EVER but it got my point across and prideful enough to not care what others thought. And I frequently trim my mom’s bangs and my own since hair grows so fast. Sometimes I cut a couple inches off my mom’s hair when it gets looking scraggly.

    Better story is when I used to cut all my Barbies hair because “it was hot, outside” after an adventure in the pool. Tell me little kids don’t pay attention to words mamas say.

    • Kim Boykin says:

      Thanks for sharing! You are one of the lucky ones who actually has had some success, except with poor Barbie. Congrats! Beside’s your mom’s lucky you can shape her hair up and making her look (and feel) better is a pretty amazing thing!

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