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What happens when the sassy south meets the HOT Montana west?


I know SHOCKER, right? A blog post from me? I hope you had a fabulous holiday season and that you're braced for an AWESOME 2014 like I am! Okay, to know what the sweetest thing is, you have to know what the NOT sweetest thing is. And as a newbie novelist, it's having ONE book out there. Don't get me wrong, I'm so FREAKING grateful to have a published book, sometimes, I just squeal for no reason. Or for that very reason. I didn't have anything else for readers who say, "What else do you have for me to read?" And while I thank GOD for my fabulous editor at Penguin, sadly I've had to say to readers, "the new book will be out next AUGUST." BTW, Palmetto Moon does come out 8/5/14. YAY! But in a world when our baked potatoes can't bake fast enough in the microwave, that's too long for some … [Read More...]



One of my best memories is being a young teen and running my quarter horse, Fig, a big sorrel gelding down a dirt road that encircled the little 9-hole golf course my father owned. Me with my long hair, and Fig with his tail, we were a mass of brown hair flying as fast as we could go. To this day, when I think of freedom, my freedom, I think about those moments racing with Fig. When I was little and before I had any say in the matter, my hair was super short, a glorified bowl cut. As I got older and more opinionated, I grew it out, but my mom still dictated the style. There are pictures of me with my hair scarped back into a ponytail that was so tight, I looked like a ten year old with an over ambitious facelift. But I loved the way my hair felt bounced, the way it swished against my … [Read More...]



In a little over seven weeks, my sweet mother will be drawing the winner of the Ultimate Book Club Getaway contest, and I’ve got to be honest with you—I’m ecstatic! If you don’t know about the contest it’s a chance for book clubs to win a four night stay at my beach house on the Isle of Palms, SC. All clubs are eligible. You don't have to read The Wisdom of Hair to enter, but if your club does, you get ten extra entries! I've sprinkled pics of just a few of the clubs who have entered throughout this blog entry, and by the looks of it, they're as excited as I am!   When I got the idea about the contest, I emailed my agent, Kevan Lyon, who said I was either crazy or brilliant. I think the jury is still out on that, but I’ve visited a lot of book clubs since my debut novel came out, … [Read More...]