What happens when the sassy south meets the HOT Montana west?

I know SHOCKER, right? A blog post from me? I hope you had a fabulous holiday season and that you're braced for an AWESOME 2014 like I am! Okay, to know what the sweetest thing is, you have to know what the NOT sweetest thing is. And as a newbie novelist, it's having ONE book out there. Don't get me wrong, I'm so FREAKING grateful to have a published book, sometimes, I just squeal for no reason. Or for that very reason. I didn't have anything else for readers who say, "What else do you have for me to read?" And while I thank GOD for my fabulous editor at Penguin, sadly I've had to say to … [Read more...]



One of my best memories is being a young teen and running my quarter horse, Fig, a big sorrel gelding down a dirt road that encircled the little 9-hole golf course my father owned. Me with my long hair, and Fig with his tail, we were a mass of brown hair flying as fast as we could go. To this day, when I think of freedom, my freedom, I think about those moments racing with Fig. When I was little and before I had any say in the matter, my hair was super short, a glorified bowl cut. As I got older and more opinionated, I grew it out, but my mom still dictated the style. There are pictures of me … [Read more...]



In a little over seven weeks, my sweet mother will be drawing the winner of the Ultimate Book Club Getaway contest, and I’ve got to be honest with you—I’m ecstatic! If you don’t know about the contest it’s a chance for book clubs to win a four night stay at my beach house on the Isle of Palms, SC. All clubs are eligible. You don't have to read The Wisdom of Hair to enter, but if your club does, you get ten extra entries! I've sprinkled pics of just a few of the clubs who have entered throughout this blog entry, and by the looks of it, they're as excited as I am!   When I got the idea … [Read more...]


  I’m stepping out of the literary closet to say–I’ve written a romance! Not only have I written a romance, I’ve read A LOT of the genre this past year (47 and counting to be exact,) and the more I read, the more I am amazed how what a bad rap it has amongst the group who claims to be “the masses.” Most of those “rappers” are probably tucked in bed with a book and a flashlight or a Kindle, reading love stories like crack, but too embarrassed to admit it. But why? Romance is happy. Romance is hopeful. Sometimes hot, but always satisfying. In a world that desperately needs more HEA's … [Read more...]


  Yesterday, I was captive in a car for three hours on our way back from our little piece of heaven, the Isle of Palms, when the sprotscasters my husband was litening to on the radio made a very good point. Advertisers, and maybe offspring themselves make an enormous deal out of Mother's Day. Give her diamonds. Chocolate. Oh, heck, why not a new Lexus? But when it comes to Father's Day, it's a seems to be a blip on the commercial radar. I know this is true because when I went to pick out a Father's Day card, there was a small section at Target, and I'm sad to say about 80% of the … [Read more...]



Even if it’s just for a day or a locking yourself in the bathroom for a couple of precious hours, everyone needs to get away. But summer is right around the corner and, to a lot of folks that means vacation time. Anyone can come up with a gazillion places to go and things to do, but the focus of this prayer meeting is those precious minutes that can revive and often times save us from doing bodily harm to those we love and even those we don’t.  So here are some creative mini-vacations to rejuvenate your or at least get you through the day. Some cost money and some don’t but all of them are … [Read more...]



When I was making my bed yesterday, I kept hearing something like a branch hitting one of the windows--only there was no wind and no branch for that matter. Living in our house, stuff like that isn't unusual, but since it was cleansed for good several months ago, my first thought was "They're back." So I ignored the noise and kept at it, but the noise kept at it too. I'd just finished arranging too many pillows on the bed when I gave up and looked at the window to see the culprit--an adult male blue bird. My good friend and fellow author Anna Lee Huber and I commiserate sometimes about how … [Read more...]

Free Cat With Every Purchase


While Charleston was voted the number one tourist destination in the WORLD by Conde Nast Magazine last year, there is more to see beyond the Holy City. SO many wonderful places to eat and things to do without crossing the Cooper river, I thought I’d give you a little taste of the Lowcountry. Just across the connecter from the Isle of Palms is Old Mt. Pleasant. Now, this Lowcountry town has nomountains and is about as flat as you can get, but it is aptly named for it’s fine shops, restaurants andhomes that are every bit as charming as the Battery mansions. One of the more colorful … [Read more...]

Dog Years


Meet Molly, my soon-to-be 10 year old black Lab. Molly is the matriarch of our pack that includes Wylie, a 2 year old 90 pound yellow Lab who will always be a puppy, and Toby, our Jack Russell Terrorist who lives up to his moniker. Toby is a bully, and I was sure he was the alpha of the pack, but after attending an enlightening talk about wolves by Jodi Picoult, I learned that actually Molly is the alpha. The alpha, usually a female, tells the other dogs what to do, and nobody messes with her. I've watched Molly bark out orders (sorry I couldn't resist,) and do her part for the pack, often … [Read more...]

Going Home

Kim Boykin - Author

                                                                                                  After getting married almost 31 years ago, my husband Mike and I left home, I from New Ellenton, SC and Mike fromAiken,SC. Since then we've lived in St. Louis, Tampa, Charlotte, a little village just outside Milwaukee, and then back to Charlotte. Our hometowns have changed as much as we have over the years, but there's still something about driving down Whiskey Road in Aiken or the rolling hills between there and New Elenton that will always feel like … [Read more...]